Red Foxes of Island Beach State Park

My friend, Don Schroder suggested me that Island Beach State Park, NJ is a good location to photograph Red foxes. Indeed he was right, it turned out a good location to photograph red foxes. I’ve  visited Island beach twice, and both visits were very productive. Thanks, Don!

I have visited Island Beach State Park once in  late winter and once in e early spring. In both season  you get to see different fox’s behavior.  I heard, even winter season could be productive as well. Early morning and late evening are good to be there as low light would brighten fox’s eye color.

Spotting them is not that difficult as well, you might find them almost everywhere within the park.  You can easily photograph them around the beach area, parking lots. And of course, you don’t need big lenses 70-200mm  or 400mm lenses will do a good job.

Hope you enjoyed!

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