Shorebirds of Nickerson Beach

Nickerson Beach in Long Island is one of my favorite locations to photograph shorebirds/seabirds. Starting from Mid spring, until early fall, you will get to see  Skimmers, Common Terns,  Oystercatchers and Piping Plovers (though not seen often). Starting from early spring, this breezy and sandy beach becomes the breeding and nesting ground for Black skimmers, Common terns, and Oystercatchers. During the late summer, you will get to see fledglings (pretty much everywhere!). Late spring is a good time for Oystercatcher’s babies and mid summer you will get to see common tern’s & skimmer’s babies.

Skittish Piping Plovers are hard to find and photograph. However,  You can’t miss the Terns and Skimmers as they are often loud, and huge in numbers.

Early morning is a good time to photograph skimmers and terns if weather permits. Also, morning is not crowded as much as late evening.

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